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30 January 2012


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I have the situation with V code on W-2 stock options but I don't understand why the 1099-B under cost basis doesn't reflect the amt in code V. Was told by broker to add into cost basis. IRS gets the 1099B it will not reflect same # for cost basis? Your suggestions?

Good question about the cost basis. The W-2 income is not part of it any more on the 1099-B. You make an adjustment on Form 8949 in the column for Adjustments to Gains/Losses. Please see our most recent blog commentary for more detailed guidance on this situation: http://mystockoptions.typepad.com/blog/2015/03/the-other-march-madness-how-do-you-report-stock-sales-on-irs-form-8949-if-the-cost-basis-is-wrong-on-form-.html

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